Starting with Czech - letters, sounds, first words

Discover Czech letters and sounds and learn how to write and pronounce them.
Feel comfortable in any Czech language course.
Pass any exam with ease.

Starting with Czech - online pronunciation course


You’ve already attended a Czech course and you were surprised by the difference between the pronunciation in Czech and in your language, especially English.

You are planning to attend a Czech course and you’ve heard or read something about the „phonetic“ nature of Czech. You naturally think it will be easy – you’ll just read as it is written.

You guess grammar and vocabulary are very important when we learn a foreign language. But you also know the good pronunciation is the key to understand and make you understand by people you meet every day. 

If you are a pre-beginner or total beginner in Czech, save you energy for Czech vocabulary and grammar and take an advance by getting familiar with the pronunciation!
If you’ve already started learning Czech and the Czech pronunciation still seems a bit mysterious to you, have a pronunciation refresh! 

Yes, it is for me.

What will you learn in the course Starting with Czech?

  • identify Czech sounds
  • write Czech sounds with Czech letters
  • pronounce Czech sounds correctly
  • read unknown words and ask for their meaning
  • use basic expressions for school and everyday life
  • understand that technique is more than talent
správná výslovnost - pusa

How will this course help you?

If you are a pre- or complete beginner

If you are a false beginner or more advanced

  • you’ll avoid the shock of the first lessons in a language school or another course
  • you’ll be able to concentrate on the grammar and new vocabulary
  • you’ll be able to communicate with your teacher from the first lesson in Czech.
  • you’ll clarify things that you did not fully understand until now
  • you’ll improve your pronunciation of difficult sounds and words
  • you’ll get both a more global and a more detailed view of the Czech pronunciation.

When and where is the course?

From May 6 to May 13 every day 1 lesson will be opened.
You will have access to them and a personal feedback until May 31.

On-line in the member section on my website and by e-mail.
The week May 6-13 in the FB group Starting with Czech, personal feedback on Zoom.

If you complete simple homework, your access to the course will be extended for a whole year from the date you bought the course.

You’ll get the access by e-mail after paying.

How the course will run?

  1. Order and pay the course. 
  2. Open my e-mail with the access data to the course, the reservation calendar a and the form for homework.
  3. Make your reservation for 30 minute on-line personal feedback meeting. 
  4. During 1 month, open your lessons, read texts, watch videos and practice.
  5. Come to your private 30 minute lesson and check your progress with me.
  6. Do homework to get 1 year access to the course. I will check it for you.
správná výslovnost - pusa

What is the content of Starting with Czech course?


Read the theory. It will help you to understand globally. You'll find information about the place and way of pronouncing, about voiced and unvoiced or palatalization and explanation of specialized terms.

Watch videos

You'll go through the Czech alphabet and learn how to pronounce and write all the Czech sounds and letters. Then you'll write dictations to check if you got it.


Repeat all the sounds, syllables and words with videos. During a 30 min private lesson with me, you can check and precise what you learned.


Write dictations in your worksheets and then, fil in the form for homework to get a quick feedback. Writing is an excellent tool to memorise what you learn.

When to order the course and how much it costs?

Order by April 21
Price: CZK 3490,-

Mám pro vás i verzi v češtině!

Pro registraci na českou verzi se zaregistrujte přes formulář. Klikněte na Mám zájem a pak se podívejte do své e-mailové schránky. Tam bude třeba ještě potvrdit, že jste to opravdu vy. Pro objednání klikněte na obrázek nebo níže červené tlačítko ORDER and PAY.

Why take my course?

I don't wait.


Who is the teacher and what did the students say about the course?

Věra Rádyová lektorka

My name is Věra Rádyová. I've been teaching students from many countries and with a various language background. I love helping them to improve and be able to communicate in Czech. Thanks to my Chinese and English speaking students, I realised the pronunciation deserves more attention than it receives in regular courses.

1. I saw the proper way of articulating sounds 2. I became more confident in pronouncing sounds I struggled before with. 3. Now it is easier to distinguish short and long vowels. Interactive, structured, not too long and not too short, detailed explanation Videos were very helpful. Thank you very much for this course!
Valentina Tsepeleva

What are the benefits of the course?

    • Profit of the dynamic in a FB group to start the course.
    • Progress on your pace.
    • Have my personal feedback
    • Possibility to get 1 year access to the course.

Is Starting with Czech necessary?

No, it isn’t. You can join a Czech course and feel more or less lost after several lessons. You can browse You Tube and find many videos with Czech alphabet, even very well done. And try on your own, again and again. Ask your Czech friends and listen to their explanations about „softness“ and „hardness“ and „but you must hear it, no?“. And then, try to find out what they actually mean. You’ll lose your precious time and fossilize your mistakes. It’s really up to you.
Or you can let you lead progressively, get information for which there’s rarely time for during public and group language courses, and be ready to speak with Czechs the way they will understand and the communication will become a pleasure for both sides.

Yes, it is necessary for me.